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Operation: Show! is an improv comedy “competition” between KC metro area high schools. (OK, so really it’s more like a show about a competition, and everybody wins.) Participating schools enter a team, our professional coaches teach them how to play improv games, and they perform in matches for family, friends and fans.

Operation: Show! is a production of Seriously Playful, an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization created to teach improvisation to local students. Our status—and our supporters—help us provide programs to students and schools at no cost.

Seriously Playful also produces Operation: Playcation! our brand-new summer program, featuring workshops taught by our professional coaches and shows where our students can show off what they learned.


  1. Question: What is Seriously Playful?


    Seriously Playful is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created to teach improvisation to Kansas City Metro area high school students. The organization produces Operation: Show, a weekly performance by high school students from all over the KC Metro area, every fall and spring.

  2. Question: What is Operation: Show?


    Operation: Show! has a mission: Bring together high school students from all over the KC metro area to perform fast-paced, super-funny improv comedy. Players can join as a team or independently, and they'll be matched with an adult coach from a professional local troupe. Every week, four teams will get together to rehearse and put on a show at ComedyCity, KC's longest-running improv theater. Operation: Show! starts a new season every spring and fall; seasons run about 12 weeks, and each team plays three matches.

    Best of all? It's ABSOLUTELY FREE for players. Tickets to see their shows are $5, all ages.

  3. Question: Who can come watch?


    Anyone! Our shows are all family friendly and open to the public. Check out our Season information to see what’s coming up. Tickets are available at the door, and we take cash or credit cards.

  4. Question: How do I help?


    First of all, we love you already. What do you want to do? If you’d like to donate money, great...just click the DONATE button on any page. If you want to help with shows, bring treats for the players, or help out behind the scenes, we can find something for you to do.

  5. Question: I wanna play! How do I do that?


    EASY! Check out the options below and follow the instructions. 


    1. Your sponsor (teacher or leader) must click the SIGN UP button, select sponsor and fill out the form. 
    2. Once we've approved their submission, your team name will show up on our site.
    3. Players can click SIGN UP and register by selecting student. Be sure to select the team name  your sponsor has entered.

    Signing up with a school or non-profit organization means $1 of every ticket purchased by audience members you recruit will go back to your group. (Only one team per organization is allowed; minimum 4 students, maximum 8 students per team.)


    1. Players can click SIGN UP and register by selecting student. Under team name, select INDEPENDENT TEAM.
    2. We'll get in touch with you to get your team name and member roster. 


    1. Can click SIGN UP and register by selecting student. Under team name, select INDIVIDUAL. 
    2. When the season starts, we'll match you up with people to play with.


    After you've registered, keep an eye on your email account! You'll get a message from with more details. 

  6. Question: Other Questions?


    For more information or with any questions, please email us at


  1. My students have not only had a lot of fun, but they have improved communication skills, more confidence on, and off the stage, and an immense amount of training from professionals that will last a life time. They have met other high school kids from all over the city. They have made connections. They have made friends. The people at Comedy City have created a truly unique opportunity for our youth. They conduct themselves with great professionalism, but also truly connect with the kids.

    Kim, sponsor, St. Thomas Aquinas
    Kansas City, MO
  2. It’s a truly amazing program that works wonders on increasing creativity, individuality, and team work. Operation: Show! Is an incredible gift to everyone that gets to be a part of it.

    Will, player, Smallville
    Blue Springs, MO
  3. I’m such a believer in this program. I’ve seen kids really come out of their shells up on that stage!

    Amy, Will's mom
  4. I quickly came to realize that Operation: Show! provided much more than the chance for kids to come and just have fun on stage. It provided them valuable social skills, confidence in their decisions, and an outlet for them to express themselves.

    Clayton I.
    Co-founder, Seriously Playful
  5. I could go on and on about this group and the students. This organization gives these students a chance to learn a craft that most would not ever get exposed to. Watching the students perform from the first day of the semester, until the end of the year, I see them gain confidence, interact with positive adult role models, learn a ton about themselves and their peers, and hone a craft that could help them in nearly every aspect of adulthood.

    Improvisation helps people communicate effectively, confidently. It fosters a sense of community while working together toward a common goal. Improvisation teaches that learning new things can be fun and pushing the limits of creativity is a good thing. It teaches that supporting people and ideas is the key to success.

    These students, will fast become adults who think on their feet, solve problems and support new ideas. Isn't that what we want for our future generations?

    Clay M.
    Owner, ComedyCity
  6. Improv encourages creativity and collaboration, teaches problem-solving, and gives high school students real world experience on running a show alongside professionals. It's kind of magic. My favorite part of this organization is seeing these kids grow in confidence and ability as each season progresses. That-- and watching rival teams cheer each other on. These kids are so smart, funny, weird, and kind.

    Operation: Show! Coach (full-time job: greeting card editor)


Get ready for our spring 2019 season!

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Mark your calendars for TWO orientation sessions!

The players are ready and the season is starting!

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Call time for players is 1pm! Show starts at 3pm!

Registration is open for Fall 2018!

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Sign up to play as a team or on your own!


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Every player on every team plays!


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Celebrate all the cool things and great people!


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Your regular $5 ticket gets you free pizza, cookies, and soda!

11/19: Cereal Killers v SharkBait & SCRAMBLE v Smallville

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11/19: LAST SHOW OF FALL 2017

11/12: Flatline v SCRAMBLE & Inside Joke v SCRAMBLE

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11/12: It's an All-You-Can-Improv Buffet!

11/5: Inside Joke v Mission Improvable & Upstage Northwest v Flatline

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11/5: November Remember That We've Got A Show This Sunday!

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