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Operation: Show is a weekly improv comedy “competition” (we don’t even keep track of winners and losers) between different schools, every fall and spring at ComedyCity. It’s produced by Seriously Playful, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created to teach improvisation to Kansas City Metro area high school students.

It’s also the easiest program your school will ever participate in. Why?
We do all the work.
We donate money to your program at the end.
It’s completely free for students and schools.

You can get all the details in our FAQ, but here are the basics:
You sign your school up using the form above to create a team, and your students sign up to join.
We assign your team a coach from a local, professional improv troupe.
Your students attend an orientation at ComedyCity to learn improv skills and games.
We schedule your team for about three matches each season (Fall and Spring). They’ll show up at 1pm for a rehearsal session with their coach, and put on a show with three other teams at 3pm.
Students are responsible for spreading the word to friends, family and fans. Tickets are cheap—just $5.
At the end of the season, you’re all invited to an awards show, all-play and pizza party.
And at the end of the year, we send you a check for 20% of your team’s ticket sales.

You can be as involved—or not—as you want to. We know how hard you work, so we want to make this as easy as possible.


Students must download both forms and bring signed copies to Orientation to participate. 


  1. Question: What is Seriously Playful?


    Seriously Playful is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created to teach improvisation to Kansas City Metro area high school students. The organization produces Operation: Show! a weekly competition between students from different schools, every fall and spring; in 2015, Seriously Playful will launch a summer program, Operation: Playcation!

  2. Question: What is Operation: Show?


    Operation: Show! is an improv comedy “competition” between KC metro area high schools. (OK, so really it’s more like a show about a competition, and everybody wins.) Participating schools enter a team, our professional coaches them how to play improv games, and they perform in matches for family, friends and fans. Operation: Show! starts a new season every spring and fall; seasons run about 12 weeks, and each team plays three matches. It’s free to students participating on a team, and tickets to the matches are $5. (We give 20% of ticket sales back to the schools.)

  3. Question: What is Operation: Playcation?


    Operation: Playcation! is our brand-new summer program, featuring workshops taught by our professional coaches and shows where our students can show off what they learned. Participation is free to any student registered for the prior Spring or following Fall season. Tickets to the shows are $5.

  4. Question: Who can come watch?


    Anyone! Our shows are all family friendly and open to the public. Check out our Season information to see what’s coming up. Tickets are available at the door, and we take cash or credit cards.

  5. Question: How do I get my high school involved?


    Easy. As a faculty member, you can sign up your team by clicking the SIGN UP button on any page. Team members must be enrolled at your school during the semesters they participate. Only one team per school is allowed.

  6. Question: What does a sponsor do?


    The two most important jobs are setting up your school [sponsor form link] and depositing the checks when we donate 20% of your team’s ticket sales to your specified student organization at the end of each school year. Beyond that, any involvement—like coming to shows or extra coaching—is completely up to you.

  7. Question: Who’s eligible to play?


    Current high school students in KC metro schools. Teams are approved by faculty sponsors, and each school can only have one team. Once a school sponsor has set up a team, players can click the same SIGN UP button.

  8. Question: How will improv benefit my students?


    Results vary for everyone, but improv can increase: • Confidence • Teamwork • Public speaking skills • Comfort in social settings • Brainstorming abilities • Listening and observation skills • Creative thinking • Decision making • Emotional intelligence • General niceness

  9. Question: Other Questions?


    For more information or with any questions, please email us at

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